Josep García

Director of les Corts | City Council of Barcelona

In March of 2013, the district of “Les Corts” began a project to create a literary route in various areas of the district. One of the aspects of the project was to create a mural with the image of the poet Salvador Espriu and the writer Mercè Rodoreda in an empty space at the intersection of Numancia and Anglesola streets. After two weeks of creative work by Tois Estudio, the district benefited from the two literary murals and had achieved the double objective: to emphasize the Catalan literature and dignify and improve a degraded area of the neighborhood. The project was well received by the neighbors in the area and had a significant media impact, especially in social media where the images appeared numerous times.

A success, both in terms of the end result and the process itself.


Jordi Vilella

Executive Creative Director | Wunderman

I never believed in the stereotypes that have to do with creatives, you know: distracted, selfish, unreliable… Maybe because I never got identified myself with them and then meeting Cristian changed this view, entirely. Because working with him means counting on talent, implication and something that I highly value: professionalism. This is not a gratuitous statement. It is based on a personal experience. I had a good fortune counting on Tois Estudio for one of the most complex projects we have accomplished in our agency, one of which I am very proud of, there is no doubt that counting on him was a guarantee that everything would work out perfectly. He contributed right from the beginning. He’s a perfectionist, demanding, he doesn’t accept just anything, which is shown in the final result. Cristian’s professionalism goes further than just the creativity, which is already a lot. He is a commited person in his work and he knows all the aspects that are involved in a project: objective, needs, timings and so on… that helps on communication and to overcome many unforeseen situations.


Cédric Malé

Commercial Director & Marketing | Exklusiv Helmets

Tois Estudio organized a life-style photo shoot and video for Exklusiv products in Barcelona. It very important to us to have a high quality photo shoot as we were giving our brand a big impulse in 2014. Right from the beginning, from the way to present the proposal, Tois Estudio was professional, flexible, efficient and handed over all the information in record time (we had a very tight deadline). Apart from performing the job well, they make suggestions and give us advice to improve the final product. In these days, it is so important to be able to count on companies like Tois. I have no doubt that we will work with them again. A few days ago Cristian wrote me asking for a text which briefly told our experience and opinion about working with his studio. Thinking about it, the truth is that apart from confirming that they are great professionals, serious and creative, they have vision and experience on projects that requires maximum commitment in the process and the final result. I would like to emphasize the high level of professionalism and also the human approach and care they placed in our project right from the beginning. It has been a pleasure to work with them and I’m sure it will be in the future.


Martin Boragno

Musical Manager | Entrelineas entertainment

Working with Tois Estudio is synonymous of seriousness and quality. The contact with Cristian is always close and his implication in the project is total, not only in the creative process and the development of the project, the most creative part, but also in relation to the quality of the final product, as well as the deadlines, something that is a common problem in our business. My experience with Tois Estudio is that they always have complied scrupulously in this regard. The creativity and quality of the designs united with the seriousness that Cristian transmits during the entire process are, without any doubt , a good reason to recommend Tois Estudio with guarantees.